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Exotic and domestic wood tread covers and handrails are available for interior use. Choose from our vast selection of woods such as Zebra, Cherry, Teak, Ash or Pine to best show off your new Lomanaca Iron Works spiral staircase.

You can also choose from our Marble and Stone collection of tread styles to give it a classic formal look. Or, if you need more of a utility function choose from our metallic line of treads.

Our quality of materials and construction will beautifully complement your room or space to give it your own personal look and feel. Because it's custom your spiral staircase will be a beautiful one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

For exterior use we have a variety of metalic tread styles ranging from open grid for rain and snow to more decorative embossed and textured styles. We use steel for outdoor installations and can offer several finish choices, please click on the finishes link above.

Choose collar style to meet specifications for stair height.
Collar available in standard and long (customized) styles.


Wood Tread Styles - Interior
African Mahogany
link to African Mahogany
link to American Cedar
link to Black Walnut
link to Catulpa
link to Jatoba
link to Phillipine Mahogany
link to Santos Mahogany
link to Sugar Pine
link to Wenge
link to African Padauk
link to Black Cherry
link to Bubinga
link to Hard Maple
link to Makore
link to Poplar
link to Sapele
link to Teak
link to White Ash
link to Zebra
link to American Cherry
link to Black Tupelo
link to Butternut
Link to Honduras Mahogany
Link to Pau Rosa
link to Red Oak
link to Soft Maple
link to Walnut
link to White Oak
Metallic Tread Style - Interior/Exterior
African Mahogany
link to metallic 1
link to metallic 2
link to metallic 3
link to metallic 4
link to metallic 5
metallic 6
link to metallic 7
Marble Style - Interior
pic of marble
Collar Styles
Standard Collar






Long Collar


pictures of exterior spirals
pictures of fences etc