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Custom Spiral Stair Kits

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For over three decades Lamonaca Iron Works' specialty has
been fabricating steel spiral stairs for single and multiple story applications. By choosing customized options you
can truly make your staircase a work of art.
In 1959 Lamonaca Iron Works was one of the first original custom steel fabrication companies in Chicago. Founded by two Italian brothers, who originally perfected their craft by working with International Harvester Tractor & Trailer Company, they have carried on the "Old World" craft with precision and quality to create beautiful and long lasting products for both home and business applications.
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Lamonaca Iron Works also specializes in exterior spriral stairs for exterior access to single or multiple story requirements. Our beautiful steel construction is built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.
From the first projects of simple steel handrails for front/ back outside stairs, or steel fences to protect and secure Chicagoland's houses and commercial properties, Lamonaca Iron Works has throughout the years produced and created a style of high quality and precision iron products. This european craftsmanship has ensured the best made custom spirals and curved metal stairs, unmatched in our industry.
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Not only does Lamonaca Iron Works build beautiful spiral stair cases we also can manufacture simple or ornate straight stairs, fences, windows, railings, gates or any other decorative iron and/or steel project.
Custom iron and steel works for such well known clients as: David Bowie's Business Manager, MTV, Realworld Weather Tech, The Goodman Theatre, just to name a few have given Lamonaca Iron Works a reputation of quality and excellence throughout the country. Let us know what your next project entails and Lamonaca Iron Works will supply the solution.